What is TikTok and how does it work

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Probably, if you are looking for it, it is because you are tired of hearing your children repeat the name until they drop. So, you have seen fit to understand what is TikTok and why all the teenagers (along with a good part of their peers from all over the world) are so fascinated by this new platform.

TikTok, also known in China as Douyin, is a social network for videos born in the Asian country in 2016. The app was created with a very simple purpose: allow kids to shoot music videos with their favorite songs in the background. Practically the same function as Musical.ly, not surprisingly purchased by the same software house that develops TikTok and promptly withdrawn from the market. This has allowed TikTok to become one of the social platforms with the highest growth rate of 2018, already having tens and tens of millions of users around the globe. To understand its sudden success, however, it is necessary to understand what TikTok is, what it does and how it works. Let's see it together.

What is TikTok

As already mentioned, TikTok is a video sharing platform that focuses in particular on music videos but not only. You can also register ffunny and cute ilmati with famous phrases from movies, cartoons and so on. TikTok works on both Android and iOS smartphones, while, at the moment, there is no alternative that works on PC.

In fact, with TikTok your children can put themselves in the shoes of their favorite singers or actors and sing (or act) mimicking their moves and moving their lips in time. In short, a kind of visual karaoke that works as a smartphone.

How TikTok works

Using lTikTok to create creative and fun videos is very simple. Once installed and launched we will find ourselves in front of ainterface very similar to Instagram. Just like in the social platform owned by Facebook, from the main page we will be able to access the content uploaded by other users, subdivided the followings and suggestions for you. Obviously, the former concern the users we have decided to follow and the latter are those recommended based on the type of video we watched. While watching a video, on the right we will find the thumbnail of the profile of the user who uploaded it: by pressing on the photo we will enter the profile, while pressing on "+" we add it to the list of followers. To like a video just press twice on the video itself, while to comment just tap on the cloud-shaped icon always on the right.On the right we also find the option to share a video we liked with other users.

How do you create a video with TikTok? Even in this case, nothing could be simpler: just press the "+" icon in the center and follow the (rather simple) guided procedure proposed by the app.

What is TikTok and how does it work

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