Trump, official ban for TikTok and other popular Chinese apps: what changes

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Il ban a TikTok and the other Chinese apps also arrived in the United States. President <br><br>Donald Trump has signed the decrees that will prevent it starting from 20 September the use of popular apps, as well as WeChat, on American soil. AND Microsoft will have 45 days to try to buy the app from ByteDance.

The situation for popular Chinese apps in the US is getting pretty complicated. The ban is made official in the two executive orders signed by President Trump TikTok and WeChat, consider a danger to the National security, for the country's international politics and economy, with the fear that China might spy on the US. In the meantime, however, do not forget the millions of American users registered on TikTok, for this reason Trump may have started the ban in 45 days, allowing Microsoft to proceed with the negotiations in order to try to buy the app and acquire a share of the American market.

Trump signs a ban on TikTok: what changes

Il President Trump during the speech to announce the ban a TikTok stated that the United States is in danger and justified the seriousness of the security risks by citing the International Emergency Powers Act and the National Emergencies Act. For Trump, the biggest concern is that mobile apps developed and owned by China, such as also WeChat, can spy on its citizens and the government right through your smartphone. For this reason, apps like TikTok and WeChat they will be banned from the market and US users will no longer be able to download them.

The decrees signed by Trump they will take effect in 45 days, that is, from next September 20. The immediate effect for Chinese apps it is not yet clear, given that these are not products such as Huawei smartphones, which must be sold on licenses that can be blocked, but downloadable apps from the Stores. The decree does not ask for Store to remove the app from their offer, so it may continue to be available. The order then affects the US branches of ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, blocking all financial transfers to and from the branches, with economic consequences for the company.

Microsoft buys TikTok?

On the other hand, an app like TikTok in the USA it was downloaded 175 million times, and over 1 billion worldwide. The diffusion of the popular app for short videos is worldwide and rooted, but the first alarms had also arrived with the hacker di Anonymous, who had asked to immediately delete the app from smartphones due to the possibility that it would be used by the Chinese government to spy on users and access personal and private information, without their consent.

It would have been to suggest a solution to the delicate question Microsoft, which he asked Trump to buy the TikTok app and keep it distributed in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. By September 15, the company of Bill Gates should have clear ideas about possible agreements to keep and the changes necessary to ensure user privacy. Just in time to conclude any transactions with ByteDance, before all financial transfers are blocked by order of the government decree from 20 September.

Trump, official ban for TikTok and other popular Chinese apps: what changes

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