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Tik Tok is undoubtedly one of the most used applications in the world. In fact, in recent years, this Chinese platform has seen the number of its subscribers multiply in the world and therefore also. Many people sign up for the application hoping to become an influencer and earn money through sponsorships, but not everyone knows that it is possible to earn with Tik Tok also through other modalities.

The origins of Tik Tok

Tik Tok was born in China from an idea of ​​Alex Zhu and Luyu Yang. The initial project was the creation of a social network with music, video and chat within it. TikTok's initial name was and it was launched in 2014. In 2017, the Chinese company Byte Dance bought for a huge amount of around 750 million euros and in 2018, after various transformations, the final application took the name of Tik Tok.

How to use Tik Tok

Tik Tok is based on the mini video recording, which have a minimum duration of 15 seconds up to a maximum of 60 seconds. In these 15/60 seconds of video there is the possibility to add songs and sounds. To create more fun videos, Tik Tok offers the possibility to speed up or slow down images and to use filters that transform the faces and body of the protagonist of the action. Over the years Tik Tok has exploded in number of users also thanks to the unbridled use that influencers make of it.

How to subscribe to Tik Tok

Sign up for Tik Tok it is very simple, just download the application on your smartphone or pc and sign up by filling in the answer fields or access through the data of another social network to which you are subscribed. If you prefer the first option, the data to be provided is your email or our mobile number. After doing this Tik Tok to make sure we are real people, he will send us a code to our mobile phone to enter to complete the subscription.

How to make videos on Tik Tok

Making and publishing videos on Tik Tok is very simple, let's see together the steps to follow:

  • click on the button in the center marked by the + sign;
  • allow access to the camera and microphone of your mobile phone;
  • choose the recording mode (Normal / Selfie);
  • create the video or alternatively upload an existing video by clicking on the icon at the bottom right next to the red button for recording the video.

Once this is done you have to choose a sound to add using the playlist by category available on Tik Tok or by clicking on the search bar to search for the song we want to insert. By clicking on the icon with the 3 colored circles there is the possibility to add effects and filters while the magic wand allows us to activate the beauty filter. Finally, by clicking on the button at the bottom left Vlog 123 will be given the possibility to insert stickers and 3D effects.

How to be successful on TikTok?

Currently Tik Tok does not allow any form of paid promotion. The platform, by giving visibility to the videos, allows you to obtain views and followers earn thanks to the algorithm shown in the dedicated section of Tik Tok our videos. The more the videos we produce will be appreciated, the more they will be viewed and consequently the more people will sign up for our account and become our followers. The main strategies to increase our followers are:

  • use hashtags correctly. When posting videos remember to use hashtags related to the video content. If the hashtags are entered correctly, the published video should appear in the search results of the people who are interested in that particular topic.
  • create original videos. To stand out from other users and keep your audience active, you need to create original content that can entertain without tiring.
  • publish constantly. One of the best ways to appeal to the Tik Tok algorithm is to post regularly. In this case, however, we must be careful not to sacrifice quality for quantity.
  • match the right sound to the video. Using the right music to video is one of the most important factors in making a video successful.
  • interact with followers: if you want to increase followers on Tik Tok, you must also interact with other users' profiles.

How to make money with Tik Tok

Despite the high number of subscribers obtained in a few years, Tik Tok tries to make its application used as much as possible. To achieve this Tik Tok offers earnings real simply by using it. These payments are made through virtual coins, depicted on the application by rubies and diamonds, which can subsequently be transformed into real money to be transferred to your PayPal account. First we can send the sign up link to a friend who is not yet subscribed to Tik Tok. In this way we can earn 0,50 euro cents for each user invited up to a maximum of 10.

How much do you earn with Tik Tok?

By performing some simple operations related to retention it is possible to obtain rubies, which are equivalent to 0,01 of a diamond, depending on the objectives achieved and can then be converted into real money. Among the daily objectives with which it is possible to obtain rewards we remember the following:

  • for each friend who signs up through our invitation you will earn 0,50 euro cents (up to a maximum of 10 friends for a total of 5 euro);
  • if the registered person watches more than ten minutes of video a day for 3 days on Tik Tok, he earns an extra € 2,50;
  • if you share the campaign page on at least one other social network you can earn 100 rubies;
  • if we read the rules they earn 100 rubies;
  • if we watch videos for one minute a day they earn 200 rubies;
  • if we watch videos for three minutes a day we get 300 rubies;
  • if we watch videos for ten minutes a day we can get to 500 rubies;
  • if we publish at least one video a day we get 500 rubies.

Each ruby ​​is equal to 0,01 cents of a diamond, while a diamond corresponds to approximately 1 euro. To participate in the campaign, just click on your profile (Me) at the bottom right.

How to take advantage of your Tik Tok account

There are other ways to take full advantage of your account and increase earning possibilities. The main ones are:

  • become influencer marketing. To use this method you need to have many followers. Through commercial agreements there is the possibility of sponsoring famous brands by being paid by the company we advertise;
  • sell merch. Or sponsor your company's products and to send followers on our Instagram page. This is because the Tik Tok platform does not allow you to paste links so to make an advertising focused on sales you have to invite the public on other social networks that allow this practice. In any case, Tik Tok is very useful for sponsoring the products of your company, creating brand visibility, through videos and live direct;
  • affiliation. Another earning possibility that can be exploited through Tik Tok is affiliation. For example, if I affiliate with Amazon, with our videos we will sponsor Amazon products and the public will be sent back to another social network, which gives the possibility to paste the links, once the user clicks on the product sponsored by us or buys it there. a percentage will be awarded;
  • live streaming. To make money with live streaming, you have to be very popular here too. Once in Live, users will send you gifts, each gift has a different value. These gifts can then be converted into real money via the Paypal account.

Virtual currency of Tik Tok: what it is and what it is for

Many functions of Tik Tok are paid, such as filters for photos or videos and the platform also gives us the possibility to donate funds to our favorite users. All this happens through the virtual currency of Tik Tok. To have access to the virtual currency, you must be of age, for the country of origin. The price of the coins is displayed at the time of purchase, commissions and currency exchange is automated, and are based on the commercial agreement between the supplier and the payment method.

How do i use Tik Tok virtual currencies?

These coins are used to buy virtual gifts, but only on the same platform. If our account ceases to exist, the coins we own will be lost. Currently the coins of Tik Tok have this value:

  • 70 coins cost € 1,09;
  • 350 coins cost € 5,49;
  • 1400 coins cost € 21,99;
  • 3500 coins cost € 54,99;
  • 7000 coins cost € 109,99.

Once the user gives a gift, the coins will be stolen from our account. Any gifts we make will be made public.

Tips for making money with TikTok

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