TikTok tests in-app purchases: how they work

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TikTok it's time to purchases in the app. The social networks dedicated to creating short videos is testing the possibility of carrying out shopping directly from the application, as is already the case for other competitors, Facebook above all. For the occasion, the names of the brands that will participate in the early stages of the project have already been chosen.

Not even the threats of ban received from the US, and the criticisms for the infamous "challenge", have put a spoke in the wheel of the Chinese platform that now plays the card of Online shopping with a new feature that brings brands closer to users across Europe. The operation does not come out of nothing: in fact, the idea behind the strategy in place wants to repeat the success of the sister app of TikTok, douyin. Social network with the same functioning, it is used daily by the most famous fashion names from all over the world to interact with the public of users. Among the most successful operations, the competitions to the sound of hashtag, subscriber-themed videos and marketing ideas developed by the most famous influencers.

Shopping on TikTok, how it works

The debut of the feature dedicated to TikTok shopping sees one of the protagonists Hype, brand dedicated to streetwear. To this, then, other proposals of equal interest will be added successively, always with an eye dedicated to the youngest, so as to be able to carry out all the test necessary to have a complete picture of the trend in Europe, including the United Kingdom, of the sales in the app.

As often happens, this one launch phase is not open to everyone the subscribers of the platform but exclusively to some participants who will be able to verify the mechanisms of the functionality first, showing their interest in the available proposals. TikTok did not want to reveal more information on the matter, leaving open the question of the official date on which the service will be available for each user.

TikTok, increasingly popular with big names

While for many the platform is a gimmick to spend time having fun, creating and watching videos that scroll quickly on the timeline, for some major brands TikTok is a launch pad for new initiatives, from promotional campaigns to the search for personnel. In particular, the social network proved to be the ideal springboard for creatives of the future on several occasions.
Hollister, a fashion brand known all over the world, has chosen the application to search for candidates to be included in the positions dedicated to SOCIAL MEDIA. Using the hashtag #HCoHireMe, candidates can submit their applications in video format showing talent and creativity while trying to break through the hearts of recruiters.

Same procedure, but different sector, for HBO. Last year, the US television network used the hashtag #HBOMaxsummerintern to launch its recruitment campaign for summer internships. They have been 300 applications received through social media, marking a small success for the app and for Hbo itself.

TikTok tests in-app purchases: how they work

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