TikTok: free music streaming service is coming

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If you are over thirty you may not know TikTok. If, on the other hand, you don't exceed twenty, this app is probably your daily bread. The social networks born in China a few years ago, it has already won millions of users around the world. It is currently valued at 75 billion dollars. And, as if that weren't enough, it prepares to take on Spotify and Apple Music.

Presto TikTok will introduce a free music streaming service, which will thus complement the mini-clips published by users. The news was announced by Bloomerg and confirmed by some anonymous sources on TechCrunch. Contrary to Spotify and other giants, the TikTok streaming service it will target emerging countries, and not already saturated markets such as Europe or the United States. The contents will be the most disparate: for the occasion the company has entered into collaborations with various record companies, mostly Indian. It is not excluded that the service may also affect other areas of the world.

TikTok launches music streaming: all the details

Just like the famous Spotify, too su TikTok you can listen to music in streaming thanks to a free subscription or a Premium subscription. To access the free streaming however, you will have to put up with a bit of publicity between one song and another. According to Bloomerg, the service is designed for emerging markets. ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, has not confirmed this indiscretion. However, it is certain that the company has made deals with major Indian record companies such as T Series and Times Music.

India is among the countries that counts the largest number of subscribers to TikTok: currently there are about 300 million and with the new function they will increase. To acquire more and more, the service will be free. Indeed, many Indians listen to music online but few are willing to pay for it.

Not just streaming: music is in TikTok's DNA

Company spokesman Todd Scheffin recently told the Wall Street Journal that the music is in the DNA of the platform, not so much for the fruition, but more for the creativity. In fact, the mini-clips that can be made and shared on the social network are based on movie scenes, but above all on fragments of songs, on which users improvise skits or dances.

The company already holds i rights to these audio clips for which it has already partnered more than 800 music labels. In addition, it is constantly striving to find musical talent and stimulate them to create original music for the platform.

All new TikTok apps and focus on India

ByteDance in recent months has also introduced a new app called Duoshan. It is a video chat service that can be placed halfway between TikTok and Snapchat. Additionally, it has released another messaging app called Feiliao.

Finally, the TikTok maneuver focuses on India also because it has lost credibility in this country in recent years. In fact, an Indian court banned the app due to content deemed objectionable and since then the company has moved more cautiously to avoid the intervention of the authorities and not damage its reputation.

TikTok: free music streaming service is coming

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