TikTok for children, the Family Filter arrives: how it works

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TikTok introduces new parental controls and gives parents the ability to remotely control their children's use of the social application. After much discussion on the dangers of TikTok and the effect it has on the very young, ByteDance, the software house that developed the app, has decided to intervene by releasing new features. In reality these are not new tools, they were already present on the app, but new is the way in which they are presented and how parents can use them.

The new parental controls are called Family Filter and Time Management in the Feed. Parents can link their accounts to those of their children and manage them remotely, limiting the time spent on the app and the type of content they can see. For example, you can limit the time on the app to a few minutes a day or block some accounts. Furthermore, TikTok has partnered with some creators to create a proactive notification system that will remind younger users not to use the app too much.

The news has been released in the UK and will also arrive in the coming days or weeks.

TikTok changes: how the new Family Filter works

Il Family Filter It consists of three different tools which help parents have more control over their children. To do this, however, parents need to link their profiles to those of their children. Here are the three new tools:

  • Time management: you can set a maximum daily time for using the app.
  • Direct messages: Parents can decide who can and who can't send direct messages to their children.
  • Limited mode: you can block the vision of some contents.

In addition to the Family Filter, TikTok has decided to close an agreement with some of the most popular creators to activate a notification system that will remind users not to use the application too much.

The developers have ensured that more tools and features will be introduced in the coming months to ensure maximum safety for teenagers.

When it arrives

As communicated by ByteDance, the new functions will be released progressively all over the world. For to see them  will only have to wait a few days or at most a week. It is recommended to update TikTok to the latest version available.

TikTok for children, the Family Filter arrives: how it works

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