The US wants to block TikTok forever    

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The United States is ready to block TikTok and prohibit its use for safety reasons. The popular short video making app, which is much loved by young people, would have flaws that allow the Chinese government to spy on us. For this reason, the authorities in India have already banned its use.

The alarm about security problems arising from TikTok had arrived in recent days also from Anonymous. The hacker group reported seeing the code and found malware capable of spying on unsuspecting users. The hackers then claim that the malware is managed by the Chinese government and therefore asked users to delete it. An appeal that remained unheard, so much so that the app continued to be one of the most downloaded and used. For this reason, governments are thinking for themselves whether to ban or ban it.

TikTok, even USA towards the ban like India

In recent days, India had run for cover, declaring a ban on the use of TikTok. A move that would also be shared by the United States, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo admitting during an interview with Fox News that the government is considering a ban for the popular app.

Not only TikTok, Pompeo explains that China's fears of espionage are serious and well-founded, so much so that there are several Chinese apps that could be banned from the US. A decision that follows in all respects that of India, which in addition to TikTok has banned 58 other applications deemed at risk for security reasons. A decision that the US Secretary of State praised during the interview.

TikTok fuels US-China tensions

Can a simple app like TikTok to mark international relations between China and the United States? The answer seems to be yes, given that tensions between the two powers are now skyrocketing. The fears of spying by China to other governments frighten and the delicate international geopolitical balances are entrusted to a "simple" app.

In short, the story becomes serious and feeds the commercial disputes and discontent already born after the US government had blocked commercial relations with Huawei, a ban that has been extended until 2021. Meanwhile, the use of TikTok it has already been banned by the Pentagon for its employees, just as the institutions for now advise against its installation and use.

TikTok, Anonymous's appeal: "Cancel it"

And there are those who like hackers of Anonymous, which after viewing the code launches an even more heartfelt appeal to users and defines it as a "public danger". In a message a few days ago, the hacker collective declared: "Cancel TikTok immediately, if you know someone who is using it, explain to them that it is a malware managed by the Chinese government that is conducting a mass espionage operation". An appeal that, if it goes unheeded, will force governments to impose bans to preserve national security.

The US wants to block TikTok forever    

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