The ranking of the top creators on TikTok: Gianluca Vacchi is alone in command

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Although Instagram is still firmly in command of the list of social networks where you need to be present if you want to have an online influence, TikTok is growing rapidly and must now be monitored to understand where the influencer marketing market. The ONIM, that is the National Influencer Marketing Observatory, did it with a specific ranking of most influential creators on TikTok.

A ranking that, like that of Instagram's biggest influencers, is not based on the simple number of followers but also on the average monthly interactions of users with what is posted by the influencer. To enter the ranking, then, it is necessary to have at least 30% of cittàn and cittàn-speaking fans, precisely to monitor only the creators who have a real influence on the cittàn market and exclude characters who have had a role, but not there. they have more. For example, foreign players who have played in Serie A formations in recent years. According to the ONIM ranking, therefore, the most influential character on TikTok città is undoubtedly Gianluca Vacchi, here is who the others are.

1) Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi)

Gianluca Vacchi on TikTok he has 13,2 million followers and publishes dozens of videos in which he dances with his partner Sharon Fonseca (who has 3 million followers), his three labradors and recently also his daughter Blu Jerusalema, just one month old and still in a wheelchair. That's enough for him to have an average of 12 million views per month and 109 million likes in total, all at the age of 53. A detail that should always remember those who think that TikTok is a platform for preteens.

2) Madtrinity (@Madtrinity)

With 6,2 million followers and 4,7 million average views per month in second place in the ranking of cittàn tiktokers are the Madtrinity twins, Anthony and Michael, born in 1993. They were once a trinity, because their cousin also took part in the short videos. To decree their success was the incredible talent, combined with a certain physical resemblance, in making the face of the Joker.

3) Urban Theory (@urbantheory_)

- Urban Theory I am a hip hop dance group (but not only), formed by Jessica Demaria, Lorenzo Piantoni, Riccardo Marano, Davide Sala, Fabiano Paglieri and Leonardo Sigona. Their success on TikTok, with 5,1 million followers and 4,5 million views per month, is also due to their participation in the TV shows città's Got Talent 2019 and Viva Raiplay! by Fiorello. The skill of these guys, who in theory should be successful everywhere and not only on TikTok, collides with a much lower performance on Instagram: just 197 thousand follovers. This is also a confirmation that TikTok has completely different dynamics, which must be faced in a completely different way.

4) AkanRus99 (@akan_elvira)

With the nik of AkanRus99 in the fourth place of the influencers of TikTok there is a window cleaner: AkanRuss99 is in fact a young boy, of whom we still know very little, who claims to post from Germany but for the cittàn public. His videos are a very strange experiment: AkanRuss99, in fact, first soap a glass and then draw logos on it. Especially that of TikTok, but also those of YouTube, Twitter, Netflix, OPPO, SnapChat and even some names requested by followers in the comments. AkanRus99 with this strategy gets 4,4 million views per month, despite having only 867 followers.

5) Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

Presiding over the fifth position of TikTok's most influential creators is the inevitable Chiara Ferragni, with 3,7 million followers and 3,8 million views. On TikTok, Ferragni does not fail to publish many sponsored posts: one every three or four “spontaneous” posts in which her son Leone is often present and, lately, the baby bump.

The ranking of the cittàn influencers of TikTok

Here is the complete ranking compiled by ONIM of the main TikTok influencers, with the number of followers and average monthly views.

  • Gianluca Vacchi - 13,1 million - 12 million
  • Madtrinity - 6,2 million - 4,7 million
  • Urban Theory - 5,1 million - 4,5 million
  • Chiara Ferragni - 3,7 million - 3,8 million
  • Elettra Lamborghini - 1,5 million - 3,3 million
  • Antonio Piscopo - 50 thousand - 3,2 million
  • Fedez - 3.5 million- 2,7 million
  • Diletta Leotta - 544 thousand - 2,6 million
  • Favij - 646 thousand - 2,5 million
  • Irama - 616 thousand - 2,4 million
  • Letwins - 7.7 million - 2,3 million
  • Sfera Ebbasta - 806 thousand - 2,3 million
  • Flo - 2,2 million - 2,2 million
  • Sascha - 746 thousand - 2,1 million
  • assya - 132 thousand - 1,9 million
  • Davide Reinecke - 645 thousand - 1,8 million
  • thekolors_stash - 302 traditions - 1,8 million
  • Tuzzo - 1,1 million - 1,8 million
  • Michelle Hunziker - 1,1 million - 1,8 million
  • Giampaolo Calvaresi - 757 thousand - 1,7 million
The ranking of the top creators on TikTok: Gianluca Vacchi is alone in command

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