Khaby Lame challenges Charli D'Amelio to become the king of TikTok

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The success of never seems to stop Khaby Lame, the 21-year-old boy from Turin who beats one record after another on social media. Started from TikTok, where he quickly became the most popular cittàn (he who is not legally cittàn, but would like to be), then passed on Instagram, where she passed Chiara Ferragni, now Khaby Lame has returned to climb TikTok and has reached the second step of the world podium. All this, we remember, without ever having said a single word if not outside the social networks.

With its 84,2 millions of followers, in fact, Khabi is now aiming to reach the (until yesterday) undisputed queen of TikTok: the seventeen-year-old dancer Charli D'Amelio, than to reach his 119,3 millions of followers had to, even before signing up for TikTok, to do ten years of competitive dance. Khabi Lame, on the other hand, just had to go through an entire lockdown to make fun of the most viral videos on the Web, but put her face on them. A face that, alone, is already worth a few million fans. But this is not a completely unexpected success: Khaby is followed by a communication agency specializing in social media, which has already begun to change the way the influencer shoots his videos.

The secret of Khaby Lame's success

Khaby Lame, the first, has staked everything on two fundamental factors: already viral videos, who made fun of showing how absurd they were, ei gestures, only true universal language (in which the cittàns are on the other hand absolute masters).

That was enough to collect the first millions of followers, also helped by the now well-known TikTok algorithm which gives creators huge exposure and their videos potentially viral circulation pretty much all the time.

Where Khaby Lame will arrive

Khaby Lame punta alla vetta, to oust Charli D'Amelio from his throne and, to read the numbers, can do it. Lately he started shooting more complex videos, with a minimum of editing, but he has not started to speak: he is still silent as a fish, but as expressive as an cittàn during a football match.

Among his followers there are now users from all over the world, Including Arab countries. With the rhythms seen up to now (at the beginning of May 2021, just two months ago, had "only" 34 million followers) can undoubtedly reach and surpass Charli D'Amelio by the end of the year. If it succeeds, then the ballet social network will have a new king, cittàn, who does not speak, who does not dance and that in his bio says "If you want to laugh you are in the right place".

Khaby Lame challenges Charli D'Amelio to become the king of TikTok

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