Joe Biden US president: what changes for Huawei and TikTok

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Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States and from January 2021 he will officially take office in place of Donald Trump. The new 77-year-old president will face some issues left open by the previous administration, including the ban di Huawei, TikTok and other companies that have ended up on the black list.

Also for Biden the safety of American citizens comes first, but the new White House tenant may have a less restrictive view than the outgoing president Trump, which has made its fight against Chinese companies an important part of the program. There are those who are now wondering if Huawei, heavily penalized in finding the components to make its smartphones, will find greater openness in Biden. Furthermore, with the band of TikTok which will become official from November 12, some might expect a future rehabilitation of the Chinese company's social network ByteDance.

TikTok ban: Biden's line

During the election campaign that led Democratic candidate Biden to win the election against Trump DON'T there was official talk of a rehabilitation of TikTok, which from 12 November will be subject to the limitations due to the tycoon ban.

La Biden's position it could therefore be softer towards ByteDance, with the opening of a negotiating table, but it must be remembered that the new president during his election campaign had prohibited members of his staff from use TikTok for safety reasons.

Will Huawei be rehabilitated?

The position of the Chinese company Huawei also remains suspended with Biden's election at the White House. The company that came under Trump's crosshairs ended up in the Washington's trade black list in recent years he had to give up the Android operating system, developing his own HarmonyOS, and had difficulty sourcing components and processors for banning US companies.

Biden has not yet spoken out on the matter, but in the meantime Huawei continue to pay the price of the ban. The Chinese company has vend of the low cost brand Honor to a consortium formed by Digital China and the government of the city of Shenzen for $ 15,2 billion, perhaps a sign that Huawei does not believe that the situation will quickly improve with Biden as president.

Joe Biden US president: what changes for Huawei and TikTok

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