Instagram launches Reels, the app that challenges TikTok    

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The new rival of TikTok and Reels, the built-in function of Instagram which will allow its users to realize short videos and customize them with music and editing tools. On August 5, the new feature was released in 49 other countries, in the week in which there is nothing but talk of the ban on TikTok In the USA.

It is unclear whether the launch of the anti-TikTok in these days, when security issues arouse fears in governments, has been studied by Mark Zuckerberg for more publicity, or it was just a fortuitous circumstance that the new feature after a long period of testing was just now ready for release. Launch strategies Besides, Reels lets use Instagram to create video content, modify them with some tools and then share them on the social network. Facebook's hope is that the feature will be as successful as that Lasso, another app "clone" of TikTok, did not have a few years ago.

Reels, the new Instagram feature

Reels it's not a new app, but an integrated feature of the social network Instagram, which allows you to make videos and then edit them with tools that are partly inspired by those also provided from the Chinese app TikTok. To create your own "reel", just start the Instagram app, access the camera and record a video clip that can be up to 15 seconds long. Just like with Stories, you can use filters, both classic and AR, and backing tracks to enrich your movies. In addition, you can speed up or slow down the videos and integrate effects and transitions.

Reels, how you share the movie

The most important changes do not simply concern the creation of video content, but also the method of sharing. By loading a reel your instagram, the clip will be shared in a new section of the bar Explore, just called Reels. The short video can also be published in the main feed of the app or in yours Stories. In addition, users' profile pages will have a new space for them to view shared reels.

Reels challenges TikTok: Instagram's strategy

The great success of TikTok it's mainly thanks to its personalized feed "For You", thanks to which users can draw inspiration every day by discovering new creators and videos that have gone viral. In this way, the aspirants influencer they managed to find the popularity they were looking for thanks to the Chinese app. To challenge TikTok, Instagram con Reels shuffles the cards of its algorithms: the clips produced with the new function will not follow the algorithm of the main feed, but will be in a new section with a ranking system which is more dynamic and winks at the creators of video content, to help them carve out a slice of the audience.

Instagram launches Reels, the app that challenges TikTok    

Audio Video Instagram launches Reels, the app that challenges TikTok    
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