Instagram challenges Tik Tok with a new video feature

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Instagram introduced a new video editing tool that takes over some of the more features note in TikTok, the now famous Chinese app loved by teenagers but which is rapidly making its way into the "heart" of influencers of any age.TikTok allows you to share video clips of 15 or 60 seconds combined with music, special sound effects and brand new filters. The clips include ballet, comic mini-sketch, musical parody or lip-sync, and boast lightning-fast and very intuitive editing. And, as also said by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook cannot afford to lose further ground from TikTok in a particularly valuable range of users. For this reason, Instagram is bound to look more and more like TikTok, with new functions and new filters created "ad hoc" to counter the advance of the Chinese app.

Reels: the new video editing tool

Reels, this is the name of the new video editing tool, runs on both iOS and Android, but only in Brazil and it is not known when and if it will be launched in other countries. Reels allows Instagram users to record a video of up to 15 seconds in length, adjust its speed, synchronize it with music or replace the audio of the video shot with another one borrowed from another clip thus tracing the "Duet" function present in the popular Chinese social network.

Videos can then be shared directly in the Stories or sent via Direct. Not only that: the clips "worked" with Reels can also be published in a new and specific section within the "Explore" tabs of Instagram and called "Top Reels". A sort of constantly updated archive wanted by the Instagram developers to make to make videos go viral faster.

And war on TikTok

From the parts of Menlo Park, therefore, they decided to give the lunge to TikTok trying to "copy" and improve the functions that have contributed most to the success of the Chinese social platform have decreed the enormous success. Furthermore, TikTok is addressing some security and privacy management issues, so much so that the US authorities would be ready to launch an investigation to verify how user data is processed and, above all, what happens to it.

Instagram challenges Tik Tok with a new video feature

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