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How to install TikTok

To be able to explain how to use the TikTok app, I must first make sure that you have downloaded it correctly. Speaking of which, you need to know that TikTok is a video sharing social network available for free for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or from alternative stores) and for iPhone / iPad (downloadable from the App Store).

Therefore, if you own a smartphone Android to download it on your device connected to Play Store and, after locating the TikTok via the internal search engine, press the buttons Install e Accept, to start the download and automatic installation.

As for the devices iOS and, therefore iPhone o iPad, avvia l 'App Store and, through its search engine (accessible from the card Search, bottom right), locate the TikTok, typing its name. Then, to start downloading and installing the app, press the buttons Get e Install and authorize the download via your Apple ID Face ID, Touch ID or password.

Finally, in both cases mentioned, to initiate TikTok, you just have to tap on its icon that will have been automatically added to the home screen and / or the app menu of your device.

How to create an account on TikTok

After explaining how to download and install the TikTok, the time has come to show you the procedure for creating an account, in order to be able to watch and interact with the videos posted by users, but also to be able to upload them to your profile.

Please note: starting from February 9, 2021, in response to the requests of the Privacy Guarantor, TikTok requires cittàn users to indicate their date of birth and block the accounts of children under 13.

That said, on the main screen of TikTok, first choose how to create your account: you can register through the main social networks such as Facebook (continue with Facebook) or Twitter (continue with Twitter) or by using the services Apple (continue with Apple) or Google (Continue with Google). Alternatively, you can register via your telephone number or l 'email address (use phone or email).

In the event that you have chosen to register through the account of a social network or that of a service provider such as Google o Apple, the procedure for creating your account is very fast, since you are simply asked to log in to the service of your choice and confirm its association with TikTok.

If, on the other hand, you have decided to register via telephone number o e-mail, enter this data in the appropriate text boxes that are shown to you, then choose one Password, push the button () and finally passes the security check, if required, to complete the procedure.

At the end of the account creation, you will be able to access the screen related to your profile (theicona dell'omino located in the lower right corner) and, using the button Edit profile, make all changes related to your profile TikTok. For example, adding a photo and a video in evidence, the modification of the name and username, but also entering a biography and linking to your profiles Instagram e YouTube.

How to watch videos on TikTok

After registering a TikTok, you can start watching other users' videos and interact with them. All published videos are visible first of all on the main screen of the social network (thehouse icon). They are also divided into the tab For you, which shows a number of popular videos, and in that followed, which instead shows videos posted by everyone you follow.

Playback of videos posted on TikTok it starts automatically and goes in a loop; therefore, to skip to the next video, scroll down. To go back to the previous video, instead, swipe up.

In case you have identified a video that you particularly like, click onheart icon to like, tap onfumetto icon to see all comments and use the text field Add a comment, if you want to add a comment. To follow a user, however, presses on pulsating (+) located at its profile icon.

Through the section Discover (the'liking glass icon) instead, then see the trends by TikTok, which are the most popular videos related to specific hashtags. In this screen, then tap on a specific video to see it, or press on thehashtag, to see all videos posted for that particular keyword.

How to make videos on TikTok

Now that you have learned how to use the main features of TikTok with regard to viewing videos and interacting with users, it's time to explain, step by step, how create videos through the social network editor.

To start, then, press the button [+] located in the lower center, on the main screen of the app, in order to start the editor, and consent to all the requests that are shown to you, which are related to the permissions necessary to be able to use camera e microphone, as well as to be able to access the multimedia gallery from your device.

At this point, choose whether to create a video from 15 or from 60 seconds, by pressing on the appropriate captions, then use the video customization tools located on the right, to give space to your creativity: switch from the front camera to the rear one by pressing the button limelight, adjust the speed registration, apply filters ed effects using the appropriate buttons and activates or deactivates the flash.

When you're ready to record, press and hold the red round button located in the center and release it at any time, to pause the recording. Then, if you are satisfied with what you have recorded, continue by pressing the button .

Alternatively, you can make videos on TikTok by uploading one or more videos already present in the memory of your device. In that case, click on the button Charge, select one or more videos and press the button NEXT, I will continue.

Once this is done, if you wish, you can further modify the movie, by adding sounds, filters, effects, stickers or of an text superimposed. At the end of this operation, press the button NEXT, to confirm the changes made.

At this point, you are one step away from publishing the video: use the text field Describe your video to write an accompanying caption, adjust the privacy of the same, using the options (public, friends o private) available in the section Who can view this video and choose whether to allow other users to be able to to comment (allow comments) and to realize Stitch (agreed Stitch) or Duets (allow Duet). Also, choose whether or not to save the video you made in the memory of your device (Save to device).

Once this is done, also choose whether to automatically share your video on other social networks (Facebook, Instagram e WhatsApp) using buttons located under the wording Automatically share on. Infine, premium pulsating Public, to post the video on TikTok. You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?

If you want advice on how to increase your audience and be successful on TikTok, feel free to consult the guide I have dedicated to the topic. I hope it will be useful for you.

How to use the TikTok app

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