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Before explaining to you how to make a viral video on TikTok, I must provide you with some preliminary information relating to what are the potential solutions available to you to succeed in the intent you have proposed.

First of all, you must know that - fortunately - there is no magic formula that can guarantee you success on TikTok, nor is it possible to use third-party apps or tools to increase the views of the videos you publish. Actually there are gods muzzle and the tools of autolike, but besides being “morally” questionable, they absolutely go against the terms of TikTok's service, exposing the accounts that use them to the risk of suspension or even closure.

In any case, achieving popularity on TikTok in a "natural" way is absolutely possible, as by making the most of the Chinese social network and implementing some strategies for optimizing one's content, it is possible to achieve greater results in terms of views and interactions. .

In the next chapters, I will therefore provide you with more details on this by explaining how to use the social network in question and its most prominent features to create high-quality videos that can appeal to a wide range of users and, therefore, can become popular. Good luck for everything!

How to make a video go viral on TikTok

As anticipated, the best way to make a video go viral on TikTok is to apply a series of strategies concerning the correct use of the social network in question and some of its features; so follow the advice I'm about to give you in the next chapters and put it into practice. With a little effort and luck, your videos will show up in the section For you of other users and, therefore, will be able to reach a wide audience.

Create engaging, high-quality content

If you want a video to achieve popularity on TikTok, you must first of all work hard in its realization. The first suggestion I want to give you, in fact, is to constantly dedicate yourself to the production of videos for TikTok that stand out for their high quality level.

Therefore, you will first need to have a clear idea of ​​what your content publishing strategy is. You must therefore identify the audience you want to address, the type of video you want to create and the type of message you want to convey.

Remember that videos posted on TikTok are usually short films (minimum 15 seconds and maximum 3 minutes) marked with a quick assembly, by some superimposed lettering and one music background.

In case you run out of video posting ideas don't worry, you can at any time refer to the TikTok app for Android (downloadable from the Play Store, Huawei App Gallery or other alternative stores) e iOS / iPadOS (downloadable from the App Store) and, through the section Home> For You, see which are the popular videos of the social network, in order to take inspiration in relation to the type of format most trending.

Having clarified this, to create engaging videos on TikTok you will first need a smartphone with a high-level camera and, moreover, it may also be useful to buy some useful accessories to improve the lighting of the environment in which you record videos, such as a ring light or green screen.

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As for the practical realization of the videos, I suggest you give vent to your imagination and follow some of my previous tutorials, which could give you some interesting ideas on the functions and tools to use.

For example, I recommend you take a look at my guides on how to make transitions on TikTok, how to write on TikTok videos, how to edit voice on TikTok, how to put a song on TikTok and how to cut a video on TikTok.

Participate in the challenges

Since your goal is to achieve popularity by posting successful videos on TikTok, another piece of advice I want to give you is to create content based on what the challenge and trends of the social network.

For example, you might think about attending challenges creating a video related to a specific theme. To give an example, in fact, # Tiraccontolcittà is a challenge launched on TikTok which aims to invite users of the social network to publish videos related to their favorite places.

Another thing you could do is use trending hashtag and create videos related to the latter. A hashtag can become trendy when it is used in connection with an event, such as during a football match, when a hashtag like #ForzaAzzurri can become popular.

Finally, you could create movies containing Popular songs on TikTok. As for the songs, these usually become popular following the release of a new video clip of a singer who publishes the footage of the ballet on TikTok, inviting users to recreate it.

To see what the challenges, the hashtag or popular songs on TikTok, all you have to do is start the social network app and, after logging in to your account, press the button Discover.

In the new screen that will be shown to you, in fact, you will be able to see the Hashtag, challenges and music tracks popular; then identify the one you are interested in, tap on it and then press the icon video camera, to make a video on TikTok, using all the creative tools made available by the editor of the social network.

Use the right hashtags

Another way to increase the popularity of a video on TikTok is to use hashtag, that is, labels that can be useful for describing and categorizing a video, in order to help users identify them more easily.

As already seen above, on TikTok it is very important to use right hashtags: these, however, must first of all be consistent with the published content. Instead, it is a mistake - as well as an unfairness towards other users - to use hashtags that are not relevant to the video made, just because they are popular.

To find out which hashtags to use on TikTok, you can directly use the social network, which automatically suggests labels to use based on a specific keyword.

All you have to do is upload a video via the social network editor (use the keys [+]> Upload and select the video of your interest) and then press the button NEXT three consecutive times to display the publication preview screen.

Now, use the text field Describe your video to write the caption of the movie, then press the #Hashtag button and start typing the first letters of the hashtag to use: in this way you will be shown all the popular hashtags. Finally, tap the relevant ones with the most views to add them to the video caption.

Also, among the most popular hashtags you can use to invite the TikTok algorithm to share your video in the section For you there are the hashtags #PerTe and #ForYou.

Share videos on other social networks

Through the TikTok editor, in the preview section of the publication of a video, you can activate the sharing the movie on other social networks: this is a really useful possibility to increase the diffusion of a video.

Therefore, after customizing the video caption, tap on one of the icons that are shown to you next to the wording Automatically share on: you can make sure that, after publishing, the video can be quickly shared on WhatsApp, its Instagram, in the Instagram stories or on Facebook.

Once this is done, at the end of the customization in the preview section, click on the button Public to publish the movie.

Finally, to share the video on other social networks, after publishing it, press the icon arrow and then tap the share button on Facebook, Instagram or on other social networks such as Telegram o Twitter. For more details, I invite you to also consult my guide on how to connect Instagram to TikTok.

How to make a viral video on TikTok

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