How to create a video with TikTok and use effects

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For some years now, the popularity of TikTok is constantly on the rise. It is the social network of the moment, useless to deny it, and although its functioning is broadly similar to that of other social networks, those who are beginners may have difficulty in create a video and use effects.

First of all it is necessary install the TikTok app that can be downloaded for free on devices Android o iOS, open it e register - operation allowed, we remind, to subjects with at least 13 years of age. Using TikTok without registering to the service is possible, but with limitations: you can watch all videos from public profiles but not those uploaded from private profiles, and you cannot publish videos. Therefore, to achieve the goal of this guide, registration with TikTok is required. It can be done creating an account of whole plant or using the credentials login of Facebook, Twitter, Google or even with the Apple account. Once this is done you can create a video with TikTok.

How to create a video with TikTok

Once you open the TikTok app, both on Android and iOS to create a video you have to press the virtual button "+" located between "Discover" and "Incoming" in the lower portion of the screen. The first time the app will ask you to allow access to the camera and microphone of the device, permissions that must be granted for make the video to be published on the platform.

Once the permissions have been granted, you access the video creation screen, characterized by some on the right on-screen buttons:

  • limelight, which allows you to shoot with the front camera and vice versa
  • Speed, which allows you to speed up or slow down the video clip
  • filters, which allows you to apply color filters to the clip
  • Gets better, which proposes filters to embellish oneself
  • timer, which offers a countdown to start recording
  • Flash, which allows you to activate or deactivate the smartphone LED to illuminate the scene.

At the bottom of the creation screen there are three buttons: in the center the red button to start recording, on the sides Upload, which allows you to select photos and videos from the device memory, and Effects, which allows you to apply graphic effects to videos.

How to create a video with TikTok using effects

- effects are used to personalize the videos of TikTok and can be added before recording a video or after making it, but some are only available before recording while others only after.

create a video with TikTok using effects must:

  • tap the virtual Effects button to the left of the red record button
  • search among the categories the effect to use
  • tap on the most interesting, evaluating the preview that shows the effect at work in real time
  • find the one you want to use, tap on the recording screen to start recording the video

TikTok gives you the ability to add one or more effects to your Favorites in order to retrieve it faster in the future.

add a TikTok effect to the Add to Wishlist must:

  • select the effect to save as a Favorite
  • tap on the bookmark symbol on the left of the screen to find it later in the Favorites category, marked by the same symbol touched previously

remove an effect from Add to Wishlist just select the effect to remove and tap on the bookmark symbol, which will turn from red to white.

How to create a video with TikTok and use effects

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