How MadLipz works, the anti TikTok that makes you dub movies

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Do you want to send a video to a friend while dubbing the scene of his favorite movie? Or share it on your social profile or in an Instagram Story? There is an app that allows you to dub movies quickly and easily. No, we're not talking about TikTok, but its rival: MadLipz.

The application allows you to record and edit audio that will then be loaded together with the images of the chosen film. In a few minutes, and through a very intuitive process, it will be really easy to produce fun content, and play the most disparate roles. The archive made available by MadLipz is in fact very large, and allows you to choose from a vast list of films of all kinds, but also films that have gone viral, such as those involving Pope Francis, Donald Trump or Greta Thunberg. Other than these, it is possible dubbing videos about animals or cartoons, having fun creating witty parodies or original and creative reinterpretations.

MadLipz dubbing app: how does it work?

If you love to create funny videos with TikTok, but you're curious to try other similar apps, MadLipz (available for free on the Google Play Store and App Store) will keep you entertained for hours. With this tool you can edit your voiceovers in minutes, creating and editing videos until you get the result you like best.

Born in 2017, this app was immediately classified as theanti-TikTok and today it has over a million downloads. MadLipz has become a social network that presents itself as a hybrid between Instagram and TikTok. The dubs are called Lipz and are also very popular, where people enjoy dubbing videos with the local language. Dubbing in Roman dialect is very popular, but Neapolitan and Tuscan also stand out. Just like the other social networks, it is also possible to add Likes, hashtags and comments to individual mini-clips here. Plus, you can customize the profile, adding an image and description.

The app also features a grid called Reel in which customize the five best Lipz chosen. It is a young tool, however it already has several functions, for example you can send private messages to users or start group chats.

It is a very promising tool especially for the world of voice actors, a category of professionals and enthusiasts who, thanks to social networks and the video trend, is experiencing a golden age.

How to use MadLipz

After downloading the app, you can choose between one default video list and record the audio track by interpreting the movements and motions that appear on the screen. Tapping the REC rate officially begins dubbing. The original audio will then be replaced with the dubbed one.

Once finished, the video can be downloaded to your phone or share on Facebook o WhatsApp.

How MadLipz works, the anti TikTok that makes you dub movies

Audio Video How MadLipz works, the anti TikTok that makes you dub movies
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