Google launches Tangi, the anti TikTok for DIY

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Cry is the new app launched by Google and designed to compete with TikTok. Just like the Chinese social network, the one released by the Moutain View company allows you to create and share gods very short videos in your profile.

Its peculiarity? The clips span the universe of do-it-yourself: Users can publicly show how to build a wooden piece of furniture, how to bake a cake or how to do tailoring, from a simple hem to the making of a complete suit. In short words, Cry deals with manual projects, and is aimed at a more mature range of users than TikTok. It is the perfect channel for those looking for inspiration for their next project, and in this sense it can be assimilated to Pinterest. The application was developed by Area 120, a partner company of Big G. which mainly deals with experimental and innovative projects.

Tangi vs TikTok: what are the differences?

Google has never managed to excel in the field of social networks. But now, after the twilight of Google+, it tries again with the new Tangi app, which many have called theanti-TikTok. In reality, the two platforms have different characteristics. TikTok was born from the ashes of and is based on the creation of videos with sound accompaniment: you can record scenes, even taken from famous films, do choreography, acrobatics, play memes and so on. It is designed and used above all by the very young, although with its growth it has also attracted the attention of adults and famous people.

Let's talk now about Cry, the Google app. Compared to the other, it is designed for a more adult audience, passionate about everything that has to do with do-it-yourself: gardening, carpentry, DIY, tailoring and more. Users can create a profile and share projects with the community.

Features of Tangi: Word to Google

According to Google, this channel offers the opportunity to learn something new every day, by watching how a particular artifact works and then trying to do it yourself. Again, the key content is i videos shorter than sixty seconds which serve to inspire others. In this sense, Tangi is in turn inspired by Pinterest, social network that allows you to create collections of images divided by topic, many of which serve just like fonte di ispirazione in the most disparate contexts.

Cry it will not only allow you to post original videos, but also to publish your own interpretations of other people's projects. In this case, just press the "Try it" button. This is an exclusive feature that will allow you to build a continuous exchange relationship between creators and their fans. It seems that for the moment Cry will only be available on iOS, while the version dedicated to Android. All that remains is to wait for the official launch of the application to start sharing your own creative projects.

Google launches Tangi, the anti TikTok for DIY

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