Anonymous attacks TikTok: "Used to spy on people"

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TikTok is the social app that is popular among the very young, but for the collective of hacker di Anonymous pose a threat. Hackers claim that TikTok it is being used by China to spy on users all over the world and now appeals to those who have downloaded and used it: "Cancel it now".

The first to ban TikTok bearing the risk for the safety and privacy were the governments of the United States and India. Hardly Anonymous he sided with the authorities, but this time he had to agree with the concerns of the governments. After analyzing theWhatsapp, the group's hackers spotted a malware which was inserted by the Chinese government to spy on users. On the contrary, TikTok would be just a tool for mass control and for this it would be better to delete it immediately from your phone.

TikTok, from the rise and security suspicions

The app of TikTok allows you to record short videos to share and exchange with friends, also accompanied by funny music. Small sketches of which you become the protagonists, which are to be shared with your virtual and non-virtual friends. Since its appearance, theWhatsapp social media has been very popular, especially among teenagers. During the coronavirus emergency lockdown, the rise was total. TikTok it was the most downloaded app, with people locked in quarantine at home ready to shoot some videos to pass the time and have fun.

Also during the lockdown, the first security suspicions arose, after a developer wrote about Reddit that I was able to take a look at the code of the popular app. Inside Tiktok there would be a malware able to steal the device data, the installed apps, the data relating to the navigation of the smartphone, both the IP and the mac address. Furthermore, the malware would be able to activate the GPS of the phone anonymously and keep track of all the movements of its owner. And not only: theWhatsapp it is remotely controlled and if someone tries to crack the code, the appearance changes.

Anonymous and the appeal: "Cancel TikTok immediately"

After the alert launched by the developer on Reddit, the governments of the United States and India have moved against TikTok. The suspicions of the Americans, however, predated these revelations, given that as early as January the Pentagon had blocked theWhatsapp on government devices talking about unspecified "potential risks" to security and privacy.

To lend a hand to the US government, this time it also arrives Anonymous that after verifying the words of the developer, launches a clear appeal to users via Twitter: "Cancel TikTok immediately, if you know someone who is using it, explain to them that it is a malware managed by the Chinese government that is conducting a mass espionage operation" .

The number of users who have downloaded and used it is stable, but Anonymous is ready to do battle, for now with tweets, defining TikTok a "public danger" to be canceled to "save young people from manipulation". Although the risk to your privacy and security is very serious, the popularity of the app does not seem to be affected.

Anonymous attacks TikTok: "Used to spy on people"

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