8 alternative apps to TikTok to share short videos

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TikTok is the queen app for sharing short videos. Leveraging a type of visual communication immediate, engaging and different from that used by other social networks, this platform has been able to impose itself in an incisive way, becoming one of the most popular ones, especially by younger groups of the population. The recent tragedy in Palermo, which saw a 10-year-old girl lose her life by participating in a challenge on TikTok, put the app in a bad light and even led to a heavy provision by the Privacy Guarantor. But they exist alternative validated a TikTok?

To consecrate TikTok among the successful social networks was a mixture of factors related not only to the potential of short videos, but also to one easy to use tool and able to provide all the elements for making clips in a single package. In fact, there are many users who, even without strong skills inediting, have managed to build large groups of loyal followers, so much so that they can carve out a prominent place among the most famous names of creators. However, we must not forget that TikTok is only one of the platforms of this type: there are in fact many others alternative realities, to get to know if you want to be part (or simply have fun as a spectator) of this rapidly growing world. Byte, Triller, Funimate and again Dubsmash, Reel, Clash and Lomotif: there are many possibilities in the field, all that remains is to discover them.

Reels, from Instagram the most interesting short videos

Using TikTok-like editing effects, Reels allows the publication of short videos on Instagram, of which it is to all intents and purposes a particular functionality. It does not require a separate application to be used, since it is integrated into the parent social network, and for those who are already familiar with the platform, making a new video is a breeze. Compared to the others, it has a public potentially huge, so it's certainly worth giving it a chance.

Shorts, YouTube short videos

It is not only Instagram Reels that has a potentially huge audience on its side: it also has the same value YouTube Shorts. Lagging behind the competition, Shorts have the advantage of being fully integrated into YouTube and the entire Google ecosystem. This means that short videos published on this platform can also come out and end up in user searches, in their Discoveries and, in the future, in who knows how many other places.

Byte, from the creators of Vine the new app

It was born from the same creators of Vine - forerunner among the platforms of this genre - but Byte it is, apart from the interface, very similar to TikTok. The app allows users to scroll through the new shared videos, a mix of suggested contents and similar to those published by friends, to which it is possible to like and comment. The videos, with a maximum duration of 15 seconds, upload and edit directly on the platform thanks to the integrated editing tools. Simple and intuitive, it represents a valid alternative to its Chinese counterpart.

Triller, the platform for music videos

Not just simple clips but music video: these are the contents chosen by Triller, the platform that makes the seven notes its top interest. Born in 2015, it is also loved by celebrities who post fun content dedicated to fans right here. There are three navigation options and they are divided into Following, specific for viewing the content posted by the users followed, Music - as the name suggests - for music clips and Social , for all other vlog videos published on the platform. For uploads, you can take advantage of the auto-editing algorithm and use the more than 100 filters made available.

Funimate, editing comes first

With Funimate at the center of the videos there is no particular theme but their editing. There are in fact numerous effects that the platform provides, as well as the tools that allow you to change the duration of the video, insert transitions, add texts, stickers and emojis. Many are free but, to access all the features, you need to subscribe to a subscription for a fee. Feature pro: Once created, the video can be shared on your preferred platform, including TikTok.

Dubsmash, just 10 seconds to give space to creativity

We will only 10 seconds to show all your creative flair. This is the duration of the videos of Dubsmash, the social network that focuses on the immediacy of the content created by its users. In a few moments you can watch a considerable number of short clip, call for the occasion Oak, which can also be joined in sequence to make longer videos although, it should be remembered, they come out of the basic perspective of this social network.

Clash, from a rib of Vine the app that focuses on creativity

This app also comes from a small part of Vine: the dad is indeed Brendon McNerney, top user of the now defunct app that, at the time, had managed to collect over 600 thousand followers. At least on paper, an app that comes from a creator could have all the credentials to satisfy user requests. And indeed Clash it's based on community inclusive, Possibility of monetization and support for prominent creators.

Lomotif, video, music and lots of editing

Many features like TikTok and a style that follows that of the most famous platforms. It is about Lomotif, an interesting alternative that relies heavily on the editing tools made available to users. Among the features that can be used, there are those related to editing and the application of some filters, such as that slow-motion; to this is then added the music, to be integrated with the images, stickers and emojis and beauty filters in Snapchat style. Among the exclusive features, those named Birthday e N which allow you to highlight your profile with respect to your presence on the platform.

8 alternative apps to TikTok to share short videos

Audio Video 8 alternative apps to TikTok to share short videos
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